08 April, 2016

Ariyalur, the Fossil Town

The moment I hear Ariyalur, I could recall the train accident which happened in 1956. That was a major accident and you can get more details from The Hindu.

A few weeks back, I read an article in dtNext, The Hindu and was curious to watch the video. I was very much surprised to know about Fossils near Trichy.

The word Fossil would immediately take us to the movie Jurassic Park. In my school days, I tried to make a fossil by keeping a bushy grass under heavy stones. After a few days, I would remove it and see whether the fossil has been formed or not. But I would find only damp grass.

After watching this video, not only the children, the parents will also be aware of subjects other than Engineering and Medicine. I am sure many children will take Geologist and Paleontologist as their Career in the future.

I used to think only Discovery and History Channels are capable of producing high quality graphics and narrations. But these animations deserve special appreciation, especially the sea water filling effect. The whole team has done a great work and have created a lot of awareness in the young minds.

I have shared the video with my office colleagues and have planned to visit the place.

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